Updated on
Feb 26, 2021

Our.News - now in its beta - provides in-sight tools and add-ons that fact check news stories aggregated from across the internet on the spot. Additionally, Our.News provides downloadable apps such as Newstrition, "a free Chrome and Firefox browser extension that provides background information about news publishers, verified by the Freedom Forum Institute, allowing users to check and rate a story’s sources and also rate the stories themselves."

Fact-Checking Any News Story

1. Publisher Info
View background information about every publisher, with bias ratings by AllSides.

2. Article Sources & Meta
Dig deeper into the article’s sources, author(s), and editor(s).

3. Indicators
Review results sourced from traditional fact-checkers that have analyzed the article, including Politifact, Snopes,, and more.

4. Ratings and Reviews
See how other Our.News users have rated and explained their findings. How do you stop automated bots and bias?
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