We love to read the news. But in the age of clickbait and biased news, we lost confidence in which stories and sources to trust. So, we came together to solve this problem dear to our hearts - restore faith in the news. OwlFactor automatically calculates the quality of an article based on four factors:


Our.News - now in its beta - provides in-sight tools and add-ons that fact check news stories aggregated from across the internet on the spot. Additionally, Our.News provides downloadable apps such as Newstrition, "a free Chrome and Firefox browser extension that provides background information about news publishers, verified by the Freedom Forum Institute, allowing users to check and rate a story’s sources and also rate the stories themselves."

Fact-Checking Any News Story

News Provenance Project

The News Provenance Project seeks to diminish the spread of misinformation by empowering readers to make more informed, confident judgments about the news they see online.

Misinformation Is a Growing Problem. Misinformation is a complex and growing problem, accelerated by new technologies and exacerbated by bad actors who aim to deliberately mislead.

Journalists Seek the Truth. News organizations strive to present information as accurately as possible, offering background on what they have learned and verified during reporting.

ITS Rio Curricula on Information Issues

The mission of the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS) is to ensure that Brazil and the Global South respond creatively and appropriately to the opportunities provided by technology in the digital age, and that its potential benefits are widely shared by society.


Strengthening our resolve to support the fight against misinformation in India, Internews is delighted to announce that in partnership with DataLEADS and with the support of, we will be launching a new news literacy project in India aimed at empowering the general public by helping them learn how to critically assess the information they see online and navigate news.

Full Fact

Full Fact is a UK-based independent factchecking charity. They are a registered charity, actively seeking a diverse range of funding and are transparent about all our sources of income.

They provide free tools, information and advice so that anyone can check the claims heard from politicians and the media.


FakerFact is an Artificial Intelligence tool built to help us understand more about what we read.

Detector de Mentiras

La Silla Vacía is an informative and interactive medium for people interested in current Colombian politics. More than covering the news of the day and going to press conferences, we focus on those stories that really describe how power is exercised in Colombia: on the characters that move the strings of power, on the strategies to achieve and maintain it, on the ideas and interests that underlie the great decisions of the country. This medium is funded by a generous grant from the Open Society Institute. The main objective of this medium is to do good journalism.


Fact-checking database online since 2010


BOOM is an independent digital journalism initiative. We are India’s premier fact checking website, committed to bring to our readers verified facts rather than opinion. When there is a claim, we will fact check it. We also report on stories and people who are fighting for individual rights, freedom of expression and the right to free speech. And some cool stuff when we are not doing that. BOOM is a part of Ping Digital Network (, a private limited company registered in India.