The News Provenance Project seeks to diminish the spread of misinformation by empowering readers to make more informed, confident judgments about the news they see online.

Misinformation Is a Growing Problem. Misinformation is a complex and growing problem, accelerated by new technologies and exacerbated by bad actors who aim to deliberately mislead.

Journalists Seek the Truth. News organizations strive to present information as accurately as possible, offering background on what they have learned and verified during reporting.

Lost Context Leads to Confusion. As news is shared around the web, it is often stripped of that context, opening the door for misrepresentations and false context to travel in its place. As readers consume more news on social platforms and in messaging apps, they are left without the tools to tell the difference.

We Need an Internet We Can Trust. In 2019, we asked ourselves: As a news photo travels around the Internet, how might we ensure the full context of that photo travels with it?

Now more than ever, when journalism is under attack and misinformation is on the rise, news organizations must do everything we can to make facts clear.

The News Provenance Project aims to collaborate with publishers and platforms to help combat misinformation on the Internet.
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