La Silla Vacía is an informative and interactive medium for people interested in current Colombian politics. More than covering the news of the day and going to press conferences, we focus on those stories that really describe how power is exercised in Colombia: on the characters that move the strings of power, on the strategies to achieve and maintain it, on the ideas and interests that underlie the great decisions of the country. This medium is funded by a generous grant from the Open Society Institute. The main objective of this medium is to do good journalism. The one who is in the place where things happen and who can tell them because he was there or because he spoke with the protagonists; More than making judgments, we seek to ask questions; More than simplifying things, we seek to make them more complex; More than pleasing a large public, we seek to help the segment of opinion-makers to understand national politics; Rather than belonging to power, we seek to reveal how it operates; rather than allying ourselves with a faction, we will include the most voices. More than narrating specific events, we find connections between the events.

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