Updated on
Mar 09, 2021

FakerFact is an Artificial Intelligence tool built to help us understand more about what we read.
The free flow of information has also made it easier for some authors to mix less credible stories in with factual articles. Too much of what we can read and learn from on the internet is not always about figuring out what is true or sharing knowledge. Instead of focusing on just the facts, some articles focus more on tapping into natural human reactions to how information is presented, not what the information is telling us. At FakerFact, we want to enable readers to detect when an article is focused on credible information sharing vs. when the focus is on manipulating or influencing the reader by means other than the facts. Fear, anger, sensationalism don’t mix well with getting to the truth. The mission of FakerFact is to empower the public with tools to isolate just the facts.

Who is Walt? Walt is the FakerFact AI. Walt has been trained to read the articles you send us and give you “Walt’s opinion” on the article.

Our philosophy at FakerFact is that the best judge of Truth from Fiction is you. Walt’s job is to read what you give us carefully and to let you know what kind of article it is. Is the article biased or does it give a measured assessment? Is the article written in a way that focuses on facts, or is it written with an agenda? Does the writing style use manipulative persuasion or is written in a way that provides you with the information to draw your own conclusions? If something sounds fishy about an article Walt will tell you it sounds fishy, and leave it up to you to do more research to find multiple sources of information that focus on the facts. Walt is not a magic truth machine, but you can use Walt to make it easier to sort out the truth yourself.

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