Updated on
Feb 17, 2021

Fact checking startup; "Our mission is to help the world understand the quality, credibility, safety and reliability of online information. We are building fair and transparent AI-based tools that empower users to critically evaluate content quality, and protect businesses from supporting hateful, biased, deceptive or factually incorrect content online. Our technology does not replace people. In fact, it relies on the knowledge of experts, and the curated feedback of crowds, to make it better. We are transparent about what our technology does (and doesn’t do), and welcome feedback that helps us improve." Our management team has years of experience building machine learning products and tools, selling into large enterprise organisations, and designing incredible experiences for users. Our engineering team has scaled platforms, built news classification and marketing data pipelines, and have extensive experience in automated fact checking, hate speech, and active learning. Our advisors are world renowned experts in question-answering, fake news and automated fact checking, and help train our machine learning team. Our investors are leading internet pioneers with an impressive track record. We are thrilled to have them with us on our journey.
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