ZimFact is an independent, non-partisan Zimbabwean online fact-checking platform.


teyit.org is working to ensure that internet users can access correct information by verifying in many areas from widely known mistakes, suspicious information on the agenda of social media, claims brought up by the media, or urban legends.

teyit.org thus enables citizens and non-governmental organizations, who use the internet as their primary news source, to learn which information is correct and which is incorrect on online platforms. teyit.org aims to gain the habit of critical thinking and increase new media literacy.
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REVEAL aims to advance the necessary technologies for making a higher level analysis of social media possible. The project will enable users to reveal hidden ‘modalities’ such as reputation, influence or credibility of information.

Memo 98

Memo 98 is a specialist media monitoring organization, with extensive experience of delivery media analyses on behalf of international institutions as well as technical assistance to civil society groups. They were launched with support from the US-based National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) in June 1998 to monitor the Slovak media prior to the 1998 parliamentary elections, using a methodology of qualitative and quantitative analysis.


In video veritas, if we divert the old Latin saying: In video, there is truth! The digital media revolution and the convergence of social media with broadband wired and wireless connectivity are bringing breaking news to online video platforms; and, news organisations delivering information by Web streams and TV broadcast often rely on user-generated recordings of breaking and developing news events shared by social media to illustrate the story. However, in video there is also deception.

Image Verification Assistant

We are a joint team of engineers and investigators from CERTH-ITI and Deutsche Welle, trying to build a comprehensive tool for media verification on the Web. The Media Verification Assistant features a multitude of image tampering detection algorithms plus metadata analysis, GPS Geolocation, EXIF Thumbnail extraction and integration with reverse image search via Google.

Fact Mata

Fact checking startup; "Our mission is to help the world understand the quality, credibility, safety and reliability of online information. We are building fair and transparent AI-based tools that empower users to critically evaluate content quality, and protect businesses from supporting hateful, biased, deceptive or factually incorrect content online. Our technology does not replace people. In fact, it relies on the knowledge of experts, and the curated feedback of crowds, to make it better.

EU Disinfo Lab

EU DisinfoLab is an independent non-profit organisation focused on tackling sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the EU, its member states, core institutions, and core values. EU DisinfoLab is a young NGO focused on researching and tackling sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the EU, its member states, core institutions and core values. We develop and maintain the main independent European platform on disinformation, which assembles the community of experts fighting disinformation and provides them with needed tools and resources to encourage collaboration.

EU Code of Practice on Disinformation

The European Union developed a Code of Practice on Disinformation based on the findings of its High Level Working Group on the issue. This included recommendations for companies operating in the EU, suggestions for developing media literacy programs for members responding to the issues, and developing technology supporting the code. It is an established common set of practices for EU member states on dealing with disinformation. It includes an annex identifying best practices that signatories will apply to implement the Code's commitments.