Updated on
Apr 26, 2022

The Digital Enquirer Kit is centered around misinformation, fact-based research and digital security. 

Over the past one and a half years, GIZ, in cooperation with civil society organizations from multiple regions, developed a modular set of e-learnings, that consists of interactive tasks, real life examples and advice on how to increase one´s own digital security. While it is generally meant for everyone, it is specifically designed for activists, (citizen) journalists and human rights defenders. In order to reach this designated target group, the contents of the course are being localized by digital security experts from all over the world and will be freely available in 11 languages. Addressing topics such as freedom of information, online gender-based violence, as well as online security of children, the Digital Enquirer Kit ultimately aims to sensitize practitioners to digital rights issues and empower them to strengthen the capacity of their communities.