Southern and East Africa

What’s Crap on WhatsApp? (by Africa Check)

As far as we are aware, “What’s Crap on WhatsApp?” is the first show of its kind. We’re going to fight WhatsApp misinformation on WhatsApp in a format designed for WhatsApp.

Fact-checking organisations have traditionally tried to attract readers to websites, video and social media. But we’re taking our show to people on WhatsApp in a format widely used on the platform.


RoveR is an app to help you spot real over rubbish news!
1. You can upgrade your skills through a series of in-depth and fun learning modules where you master questions such as "what is credible news?"
2. You can test how good your newly acquired skills are by taking our different challenges and quizzes.
3. You can check the credibility of a website in real time and share your own thoughts by rating the stories you read.

Namibia Fact Check

Namibia Fact Check is an impartial initiative that aims to verify public statements and media reports. Claims will be fact checked for accuracy using credible data and information.

The fact-checking service will operate according to the strict principles of impartiality, transparency and accuracy.
Namibia Fact Check will issue timely reports and statements on the accuracy or truthfulness of various claims and statements.

Disinformation Tracker

This interactive map seeks to support human rights defenders in Sub-Saharan Africa by tracking and analysing all laws, policies and other government actions on disinformation across Sub-Saharan Africa.