Digital Enquirer Kit

The Digital Enquirer Kit is centered around misinformation, fact-based research and digital security. translates the enlightening vision as the necessity of presenting clear, enlightening, insightful, contextual, deep, investigative, factual, supported by a lot of quantitative and qualitative data. - both secondary and primary, and can be accounted for.

We deliberately use a logo with a blend of blue as a symbol of clear and deep water, as well as the selection of lowercase letters as a form of our humble and always open identity that does not have to feel the most correct and javanese.


SiBerkreasi is a national movement to overcome the biggest potential threats that are being faced by Indonesia, namely the spread of negative content through the internet such as hoaxes, cyberbullying and online radicalism.


PUSAD is a center for research on religion and democracy, they conduct research on hate speech and political disinformation.

Monitor do WhatsApp

This system shows the most shared image, video, audio, messaging, and URLs content across over 300 WhatsApp public groups daily. Such groups are open groups, accessible through invitation links that are published on websites as well as on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In this way, the system views which images, memes and news are more frequent in the chats of the Brazilians. We hope that this system will make all information shared by Brazilians in public WhatsApp groups more transparent.

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Hoax Crisis Center - MAFINDO

Serves as a center for clarification of issues suspected to be hoaxes. For example, the Hoax Crisis Center (HCC) became the main hub to communicate issues that emerged during the last 2018 regional election to the public.

Regional journalists - with key connections to influential community leaders - volunteer with MAFINDO, and largely run the HCC. Community leaders know to contact the HCC first if there is an outbreak of a hoax, and the HCC coordinates with stakeholders (government, community and religious leaders) to calm the situation.

CekFacta -Mafindo

MAFINDO is an anti hoax CSO (civil society organization). We began as an online grassroots movement in 2015. Founded as an organization on 19th November 2016, we have spearheaded many anti hoax initiatives, such as crowdsourced hoax busting, digital literacy education for the public,, and public campaigns to raise awareness about hoax and its dangers. VISION 1. An independent and dynamic civil society organization which actively participates to enlighten & develop the public’s capability for critical thinking. 2.

A guide to anti-misinformation legal actions around the world

Poynter's global guide on existing attempts to legislate against what can broadly be referred to as online misinformation. This guide seeks to create an inclusive, collaborative approach to addressing misinformation around the world. While not every law contained here relates to misinformation specifically, they’ve all often been wrapped into that broader discussion. Article will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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