Updated on
Mar 19, 2021

Tirto.id translates the enlightening vision as the necessity of presenting clear, enlightening, insightful, contextual, deep, investigative, factual, supported by a lot of quantitative and qualitative data. - both secondary and primary, and can be accounted for.

We deliberately use a logo with a blend of blue as a symbol of clear and deep water, as well as the selection of lowercase letters as a form of our humble and always open identity that does not have to feel the most correct and javanese.

Together with crew members who are experienced and skilled in the fields of social sciences, journalistic writing, research, and statistical processing, Tirto.id has chosen to pursue precision journalism. In addition to utilizing data in the form of photos, quotes, recorded events, as well as statistical data displayed either directly or through infographics and video infographics, Tirto's products are also complemented by the results of analysis of hundreds of mass media from all over Indonesia which are summarized in the form of tiMeter.(sentiment measurement) on the figures, institutions, and cases discussed in each in-depth report.

Tirto.id believes that reports created from the power of data, delivered well, but not ignorant of speed, are a source of information that the Indonesian people deserve today, especially decision makers, and controllers of change.

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