Data enriches public debate and therefore strengthens democracy. An informed society is capable of making conscious decisions.

Under this premise, in October 2016 ECUADOR CHEQUEA was born : the first medium dedicated to the verification of public discourse and misleading content that circulates on the Internet. The platform is an initiative of Fundamedios , which since 2007 defends freedom of expression and the press, promotes quality journalism and trains journalists. The statutes of the organization and its legal registration are available: Statutes.

The objective of Ecuador Chequea is to determine if the statements of the main authorities of the country and of the current actors are true, deserve contextualization, are unsustainable or false. In addition, we analyze misleading information that circulates on the Internet to prevent it from being disseminated as true.

We assume ourselves as a collaborative experience between civil society, academia and journalism, since our reporting draws on the work of teachers and analysts from at least 10 organizations, including universities, public policy observatories and other thinking tanks.

We embrace the tools of fact checking, within the trends that emerge in digital environments, but not to give journalism another name, but to reaffirm the basis of the trade: the confrontation of data.

ECUADOR CHEQUEA is also part of a movement of data verifiers -fact checkers- with at least 100 active global experiences, including Chequeado , from Argentina : a pioneering exercise in Latin America whose team has trained the members of this portal.

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