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1. You can upgrade your skills through a series of in-depth and fun learning modules where you master questions such as "what is credible news?"
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Real 411

Real411 was created to give all citizens the power to report digital disinformation during the run up to the 2019 South African National and Provincial Elections. When individuals report to the Real411, they are reporting to the Electoral Commission’s (IEC) Directorate for Electoral Offences. The IEC will rule on acts of disinformation for appropriate action to be taken.

Ecuador Chequea

Data enriches public debate and therefore strengthens democracy. An informed society is capable of making conscious decisions.

Under this premise, in October 2016 ECUADOR CHEQUEA was born : the first medium dedicated to the verification of public discourse and misleading content that circulates on the Internet. The platform is an initiative of Fundamedios , which since 2007 defends freedom of expression and the press, promotes quality journalism and trains journalists. The statutes of the organization and its legal registration are available: Statutes.