Updated on
Mar 08, 2021

At Cazadores de Fake News we analyze and verify news related to Venezuela, disseminated through social networks and instant messaging. The results that we publish are the result of collaborative work carried out in the Fake News Telegram Cazadores forum, a group open to citizen participation and in constant growth.

Cazadores de Fake News serves as a complement to the verified information dissemination network Noticias Selected Venezuela, founded in early 2019 and made up of various groups and channels on Telegram and WhatsApp. The creation of our forum responds to the need to confirm the queries of any member of the network through contributions and analyzes made by the community itself.

We are a crowdsourcing community that monitors the misinformation disseminated on WhatsApp chains and social networks among Venezuelans. Our operations center is an open Telegram group in which we collectively analyze the information we receive.

The scope of our work depends on the ability we have to perceive the Fake News of Venezuela that deceives, confuses and distracts citizens on a daily basis. For this reason, our forum is strengthened and consolidated with the contributions of all its users and its ability to capture and analyze Fake News increases as the number of volunteers who provide information grows.
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