Observatorio Venezolano de Fake News

The Venezuelan Fake News Observatory aims to educate and empower citizens in the face of a reality that is submerged daily in the misinformation produced, among other reasons, by the almost immediate viralization of falsified information that circulates, mainly, on social networks .

Our research work is reflected in various national and international media, as well as our training activities in the country.

Efecto Cocuyo

Journalism the Illuminates

We are an independent Venezuelan media, which uses all its platforms for the free exercise of journalism and access to information. We address and develop the issues that interest and concern people. We give the voice to the protagonists, to the people.

Cazadores de Fake News

At Cazadores de Fake News we analyze and verify news related to Venezuela, disseminated through social networks and instant messaging. The results that we publish are the result of collaborative work carried out in the Fake News Telegram Cazadores forum, a group open to citizen participation and in constant growth.