Updated on
fév 19, 2021

Fiskkit was created to provide a better place for people to discuss important news topics and to find what information is accurate in every article on the Internet. Fiskkit’s founder, John Pettus, wanted to build a site that promoted logic and civility from commenters and that would use instantaneous reader feedback to help people identify was was true, false, well-reasoned or logically unsound in every news article or opinion piece. Fisking is a blogging word for a line-by-line critique of a news or opinion article and the core of site functionality.

“Fisking” is a technique used by bloggers to do a line-by-line critique of a news or opinion article. It was popularized in the mid 2000s by writer Andrew Sullivan, and is named after an early target of the practice, journalist Robert Fisk.

Users read an online article and comment on it sentence-by-sentence. Users can also apply tags that evaluate the article’s accuracy Provably True, Provably False, determine its fairness Unsupported, Biased Wording, and judge its logic Straw Man, Cherry Picking. Users can also tag compliments like Insightful, Well Researched. Afterwards, users can view how others evaluated the article on the insight section of that certain article.

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