Scribe Reference API

The Scribe reference API will list references based on usage and domain by language. This API is a useful tool for Scribe, but also outside the project can be widely used whenever the credibility of references from a Wikipedia perspective needs to be referred to. Understanding the reusability of Wikipedia references can scale to a variety of other projects. You can read and comment on the grant application here:


rbutr tells you when the webpage you are viewing has been disputed,
rebutted or contradicted elsewhere on the internet.

rbutr is a community-driven app which connects webpages together on the basis that one page argues against the other.

Visit a rebutted page and you will be told "There are rebuttals to this page." You can then open up the rebutting article(s).

Found a great rebuttal? Connect it to the page(s) it rebuts so that people reading those articles can know about it.


Ghana’s independent digital fact-checking project, GhanaFact is a non-profit social enterprise that seeks to close the palpable market gap for an independent, non-partisan fact-checking programme in Ghana, West Africa.

Fact-checking in a digital era, this platform aims at curbing the spread of disinformation on both traditional and social media.


Fiskkit was created to provide a better place for people to discuss important news topics and to find what information is accurate in every article on the Internet. Fiskkit’s founder, John Pettus, wanted to build a site that promoted logic and civility from commenters and that would use instantaneous reader feedback to help people identify was was true, false, well-reasoned or logically unsound in every news article or opinion piece. Fisking is a blogging word for a line-by-line critique of a news or opinion article and the core of site functionality.

Fato ou Fake

Fato ou Fake is a news literacy project that vetted more than 700 pieces of information ahead of the elections.
It will identify messages that cause mistrust and clarify what is real and what is fake. Clearance will be done together by journalists from G1, O Globo, Extra, Season, Value, CBN, GloboNews and TV Globo. Politicians’ speeches will also be checked out. Know the principles and methodology. This site is responsible for checking widely shared news on general subjects.

Fact Crescendo

Fact Crescendo is an independent, unbiased fact-checking website that is committed to bringing the fact behind every news, debunking mis-interpreted & hoax news on a daily basis on false, mis-informed, social media as well as mainstream media. We believe in transparency of news source & methodology while carrying out our core activities, a commitment to transparency of funding as well as organization and open & honest corrections policy in case we make a mistake.

Agência Lupa

The Magnifier is the first news agency in Brazil to specialize in journalistic technique known worldwide as fact-checking and was founded on November 1, 2015. Its business plan began to be assembled in February of that year and, since November, when it opened its newsroom in Rio de Janeiro, Lupa follows the news of politics, economy, city, culture, education, health and international relations, seeking to correct inaccurate information and disseminate correct data.