Exposing Disinformation through Election Monitoring

Fake Watch Africa

Fact checking on Facebook, Twitter and Medium during the Malawi 2019 election and afterwards, including some video anti-disinfo content. The FakeWatch team monitors instances of possible fake news in the 2019 Malawi tripartite election campaign. A project by Institute for War & Peace Reporting.
(Independently written)


The Digital Literacy Curriculum, focused on disinfo detection, was developed with the Finnish government for integration in schools, supported by the EU Parliament.

Disinformation Tracker

This interactive map seeks to support human rights defenders in Sub-Saharan Africa by tracking and analysing all laws, policies and other government actions on disinformation across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Digital Democracy Room

The Digital Democracy Room is an initiative of FGV DAPP to monitor the public debate on the internet and fight disinformation strategies which threaten the integrity of political and electoral processes, seeking to strengthen the democratic institutions.

Monitoring the political debate of social networks in Brazil and now in three more countries in Latin America.

Captain Fact

CaptainFact is a collaborative fact-checking tool for YouTube videos. People help each others to verify informations in this way:
1. Video is added on the website.
2. Statements are extracted from the video.
3. Fact-checkers confirm or refute the statements.