Updated on
Mar 05, 2021

TrustServista uses advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms in order to provide media professionals, analysts and content distributors with in-depth content analytics and verification capabilities.

Trustworthiness Algorithm
TrustServista determines the trustworthiness of news articles using Artificial Intelligence. The trustworthiness algorithm combines deep content analysis, the publisher's profile, the sources it mentions or directly links to, and the different viewpoints of the same story, from other publishers.

Text and News Analytics
TrustServista offers a wide range of Text Analytics capabilities, from automatic summarization to entity extraction, sentiment analysis and standardized content classification. Our News Analytics service analyzes more than 60,000 articles per day in multiple languages, providing actionable real-time intelligence on open data.

Semantic Graph Processing
TrustServista automatically determines the semantic similarity between documents, extracts hyperlinks and references from online articles. These content links are used to build a meaningful Semantic Relationship Graph that uncovers how information travels across websites, tracing it back to the origin of the story: Patient Zero.

Flexible Deployment Models
TrustServista is available as standard Software as a Service and on-premise Docker containers, making it easy to adopt. Its flexible deployment and pricing models allow organizations to get started in no-time, while adhering to strict IT security standards and allowing the processing of the customer's own data.

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