Updated on
Feb 26, 2021

In the age of social media, many of us ambiently consume news by reading headlines and descriptions that appear in our news feeds.

Nobias is a data-driven solution to the growing problems of content overload, media bias, and the filter bubble to help readers in a hurry avoid clickbait and find the content they need. You can see our insights right in your browser in Google Search and News, your Facebook news feed and your favorite newspaper online. With Nobias you can be selective of what you read and be aware of other perspectives to develop your own unique point of view. Take back control of your media diet and through a more informed interaction with personalization algorithms, you can fix your newsfeed.

Hover over the Nobias pawprint to explore the political slant, credibility, and readability of any article before you click. Burst your filter bubble and balance your media diet–like a FitBit for your news consumption.

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