Updated on
Feb 19, 2021

MozCheck is the first fact checking organization in Mozambique. Since December 2017, the team of volunteers has published verifications of electoral promises of the President of the Republic on social networks (Facebook and Twitter). In the coming months and years, MozCheck intends to check electoral promises of more Mozambican politicians from different party affiliations and levels of action. It also intends to develop other projects in the area of fact checking. MozCheck aims to integrate the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), a worldwide network of fact verifiers gathered around the Poynter Institute in the United States. The respective code of conduct and ethical principles is also an inspiration of MozCheck and already partially complies with it. There are limitations related to the fact that it is still in the phase of institutionalization and are responsible for not only complying with the code, a situation that is intended to be gradually overcome. Currently, MozCheck's activities are carried out by a team of unpaid volunteers. Volunteers carry out other paid activities for other organizations to ensure their livelihood and to be able to continue collaborating for MozCheck.

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