Alt News is a fact-checking website that is committed to debunking misinformation, disinformation and mal-information that we encounter on a daily basis on social media as well as mainstream media.

Fact-checks by Alt News encompass a wide variety of false information including:

  • Political fact-checking: Scrutinising claims made by political parties, leaders and other persons in positions of authority across the political spectrum.
  • Social media rumors: Debunking the misinformation and disinformation that circulates on social media and
  • Mainstream media misinformation and bias: Examining inaccurate or misleading information disseminated by mainstream media, either inadvertently or with an objective of shaping public opinion in favour of a political party.

In addition to fact-checking, Alt News also covers news which the mainstream media often skips or provides inadequate coverage to, such as caste-based atrocities, religious discrimination, labour struggles, farmer struggles etc. (Copied from website)