Updated on
مارس 05, 2021

We use human-centered design methods to engage local stakeholders, encourage coalition building, and generate creative and impactful projects.

We work with newsrooms, independent journalists, civil society organizations, universities and technologists to design, refine and test collaborative approaches to some of journalism’s most pressing challenges.

Through our human centered design process, we help news organizations scale their impact, bring new skills to their journalists, create new paths for reader engagement, and, ultimately, build new audiences for their work.

1. Innovation
With our tools and training we forward new workflows, new techniques, and new possibilities for newsrooms and educators, helping drive innovation across the sector.

2. Technology
We build bespoke software for collaborative discovery, verification, and archiving of digital media and work with other technology developers to provide access to leading collaborative tools.

3. Training
We embrace a collaborative and creative model for developing and delivering trainings designed to solve existing business and workflow needs inside newsrooms.

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