Updated on
مارس 05, 2021

Panama's Digital Ethical Pact is an agreement where signatories pledge to follow the following:

1. Collaborate with the Electoral Tribunal so that the electoral ban is respected and electoral campaign is only carried out during the permitted periods of 45 days before the internal elections of the political parties and 60 days before the general elections.
2. Ensure that when making electoral propaganda in the allowed periods, and when using social networks, dirty campaigns are avoided in which human dignity is offended with the use of insults, incursions into private life, discrimination and assertions of illegal behaviors that have not been ruled by the competent courts, promote violence and lack of tolerance.
3. Do not use false accounts and "bots" to misinform or maliciously guide the electorate towards conclusions or to promote electoral propaganda in favor or against candidates, candidates, candidates and political parties.
4. Promote the proper use of social networks and be vigilant against the appearance of "fake news" or false news that could endanger the electoral process. When in doubt, seek reliable sources of information before spreading false messages.

The Pact outlines the challenges of disinformation and social media while noting that “it is important to remember that freedom of expression and respect for the civil and political rights that have been so difficult to achieve in a democracy, are and should continue to be, the guide for us to have a better Panama in the future." Further, Panama’s Digital Ethical Pact includes a call for signatories to be vigilant before the appearance of ‘fake news’ or false information that may endanger the electoral process, and imputes a proactive responsibility for signatories to seek reliable sources of information before sharing messages that may be false. Panama’s Digital Ethical Pact also instructs digital media users to avoid “dirty campaigns” that “offend human dignity through the use of insults, incursions into privacy, discrimination” or “promote violence and lack of tolerance.”

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