El Sabueso

Fooling a dog is difficult. He uses his sense of smell, his sight, he digs in the ground. With his senses he discovers everything ... even the lies of a politician. On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, Animal Político started its speech verification project called El Sabueso to contribute to monitoring the public debate. El Sabueso will analyze a phrase of relevance to national life and, with hard data, will establish whether it is true or false. This type of journalistic exercise is known as fact-checking and has been a trend in Latin America for several years.

Animal Político

Animal Político is a digital native medium that brings together journalists, designers, programmers and video editors to create content with rigor, precision and thought to serve citizens. It is a medium that places citizens at the center, privileging dialogue with them and covering issues that affect them such as corruption, insecurity, inequality in the country, gender violence and discrimination.