Updated on
Mar 08, 2021

Animal Político is a digital native medium that brings together journalists, designers, programmers and video editors to create content with rigor, precision and thought to serve citizens. It is a medium that places citizens at the center, privileging dialogue with them and covering issues that affect them such as corruption, insecurity, inequality in the country, gender violence and discrimination. Political Animal understands that the information is not what the political actors say and do, but also that which arises from the initiatives of those who exercise their citizenship and do not passively accept the decisions of the political class. We bet on the information generated by our own team, investigative journalism and multimedia projects to offer our readers a service that includes the highlights of national and international events, humor and debates. We are not oblivious to the battles of citizenship, nor are we indifferent to the issues that promote inequality and discrimination. We denounce violations of rights, we point out opacity and we demand accountability. We want this space to offer context, to understand national events, and to use memory so as not to forget informative events that remain unexplained or investigated. This is Political Animal and we aspire to be a reference space of obligatory consultation for those who are interested in knowing what is happening in the country. Also, for the sake of transparency, we present you the documents about who are the owners of Animal Político.

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