Project Certeza

First deployed on Election Day in 2018, Project Certeza’s purpose was to identify and deal with false information disseminated, particularly through social networks but also through any other media, that could produce uncertainty or distrust in the citizenry about the electoral authority’s responsibilities as the election is happening.

El Sabueso

Fooling a dog is difficult. He uses his sense of smell, his sight, he digs in the ground. With his senses he discovers everything ... even the lies of a politician. On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, Animal Político started its speech verification project called El Sabueso to contribute to monitoring the public debate. El Sabueso will analyze a phrase of relevance to national life and, with hard data, will establish whether it is true or false. This type of journalistic exercise is known as fact-checking and has been a trend in Latin America for several years.

Animal Político

Animal Político is a digital native medium that brings together journalists, designers, programmers and video editors to create content with rigor, precision and thought to serve citizens. It is a medium that places citizens at the center, privileging dialogue with them and covering issues that affect them such as corruption, insecurity, inequality in the country, gender violence and discrimination.

A guide to anti-misinformation legal actions around the world

Poynter's global guide on existing attempts to legislate against what can broadly be referred to as online misinformation. This guide seeks to create an inclusive, collaborative approach to addressing misinformation around the world. While not every law contained here relates to misinformation specifically, they’ve all often been wrapped into that broader discussion. Article will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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In the United States, during the electoral process that brought Donald Trump to the presidency, more than 10 million potential voters had access to false news spread on social networks. The project intentionally takes up the name that a group of young people used in the quake to inform and serve as a bridge between those who needed help and those who could provide it. Verificado19S is a response to the absence or inefficiency of the government and the spread of false data, which only served to confuse, generate fear or divert the help that was needed.