The Whistle


Globes' Whistle examines public statements by public figures in order to provide readers and news consumers with an essential tool for their informed and critical examination. Through a quick, comprehensive, balanced and factual examination of real-time statements concerning current affairs, the whistleblower seeks to lead in Israel a more credible, more accurate public and media discourse based on facts.

The principles guiding the whistleblowing work are accuracy, meticulousness of facts and details and use of reliable and visible sources (without the use of anonymous sources), regardless of the identity of the speaker or the position presented in the test statement. Whistle operates in accordance with the Rules of Professional Ethics of the Press Council, the code of ethics of the Globes and code of principles guiding the international network of organizations in reviewing the facts, the International Fact-Checking Network (the IFCN).

In January 2019, after about two and a half years as an independent organization, the Whistle became part of the Globes House and since then it publishes its products on a daily basis in the newspaper and on the Globes website. The Globes system is committed to maintaining the uniqueness and freedom of action of the whistle, and therefore the basic goals of the whistle, as well as its rules of ethics and basic working methods, have remained as they were since its inception. The Globes system never dictates the publication of any content in the whistle section, and the selection of the statements examined, the execution and writing of the research and the giving of the grade are done by the whistle system only.

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