Tattle is a group of technologists, researchers, journalists and artists. We build tools and datasets to better understand and respond to (mis)information trends on chat apps and regional language social media in India. Our work is geared towards:

- Journalists and fact checkers
- Researchers
- Motivated individuals who wish to do local fact-checking/debunking

The backbone of this project is an archive of content circulating on chat apps and social media; and APIs for multi-lingual and multi-modal search. All the code is open source and licensed under GPL 3.0.

We've adapted this core infrastructure for a variety of use cases such as an app that lets people explore if a post they receive on a chat app has been fact checked; and dashboards showing misinformation trends. The data itself has been used by other researchers and journalists studying misinformation.

Tattle was one of the winners of the AI and the News Open Challenge which has enabled the project to scale faster.

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