Updated on
Aug 10, 2021

The USAID-funded Media Program in Ukraine will empower local media to expand Ukrainian citizens’ access to high-quality news and information. This project, implemented by Internews from 2018-2023, is the largest media development activity in Ukraine’s history, and represents a significant US $35m investment in Ukraine’s independent media sector. The last four years have seen a raft of important media reforms in the realms of access to information, transparency of media ownership and public service broadcasting. The Media Program will support Ukrainian organizations in their efforts to successfully implement these reforms, increase the availability of high quality media content, improve media self-regulation and ultimately help media provide citizens with the information they need to be resilient against malign influence, strengthening efforts towards European integration.

Media Program Objectives:
• Increase high-quality, engaging content throughout Ukraine, particularly in the East and South.
• Increase public demand for quality information.
• Implement critical media reforms.
• Strengthen and sustain key media institutions and processes.