Updated on
Mar 19, 2021

Trusted Times uses a browser extension to identify fake and unreliable news and presents additional analysis through machine learning of any news article to show a reporter’s and news source’s bias, if any. Trusted Times screens thousands of news websites in the United States.

What distinguishes Trusted Times from other news filtering resources is its ability to treat each journalist and news article independently – as opposed to classifying an entire newspaper’s political bias as “left, center or right”. Trusted Times recognizes any news organization such as New York Times or Politico consists of hundreds of reporters each with a unique perspective, built-in schema/bias, ideas or writing style.

Trusted Times leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze each article’s language reflecting an author’s opinion or attitude towards any given subject. This way a journalist with a unique persuasion or possible agenda for whatever reason is exposed as biased towards a subject or a person even if they work at a news organization consistently known for its own political slant, i.e., left, right or neutral.

Some of the unique features provided by Trusted Times are:

- Identifies if the article is fake, unreliable, verified or mainstream media news
- Provides a Summary of verified and mainstream media news articles
- Scans the article to identify important and relevant subjects and topics discussed in the news article
- Presents an analysis of an article’s bias or sentiment towards the mentioned subject
- Gives an historical analysis of the reporter’s bias towards the mentioned subject
- Gives an historical analysis of the news website’s bias towards the mentioned subject

In addition to being valuable to anyone whose job is to be abreast of the news, Trusted Times is perfect for everyone seeking a reliable resource to gauge credible news sources, i.e., teachers seeking an educational tool distinguishing the verifiable and reliable source of news based on fact.

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