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Mar 02, 2021

DEBUNK (demaskuok in Lithuanian) is a unique Lithuania-born initiative uniting competing media outlets, journalists, volunteers for a single purpose – to make society more resilient to orchestrated disinformation campaigns.

Regretfully, the world-wide response to disinformation is too slow, too fragmented and still relying on an outdated 2G approach, where the first G stands for Google search (manual monitoring) and second G – for Gut feeling (no data-based evidence).

The problem is complex, and it requires complex solutions and Debunk.eu has it all: the analytic tool driven by multiple AIs that spots and identifies disinformation within 2 minutes from real time, civil society of elves and journalists who verify claims and competing newsrooms that seek for maximum outreach. Better-informed society is also more resilient.

In the meantime Debunk.eu is an initiative, uniting the efforts and expertise of:
– the seven largest media outlets in Lithuania (online, TV, radio) with 90% of national audience coverage (outreach);
– the three StratCom units of the Lithuanian MoD, MFA and armed forces (expertise);
– volunteers including Lithuania’s community of “elves”, researchers (expertise including cross-checking); and
– experienced team of IT geeks (development of multiple AIs).
Seeking to raise awareness and get the EU and media organizations trained up ahead of next year’s crucial various elections the team of Debunk.eu is open for partnerships to make the platform operational cross-language, cross-country.

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