Since December 2018, a group of media, journalists, social organizations and universities inspired by international experiences in the fight against disinformation decided that it was a good idea to get together to project a similar initiative to accompany the electoral campaign beyond what is usually done from the media.

We focus on two types of content:
- Rumors spread on social networks.
- Contents of public discourse (statements by politicians, candidates for government positions and leaders).

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Determine the veracity of the political statements that refer to specific data based on their contrast with reliable sources. The site selects assertions of the most outstanding speeches on key topics and, based on a specific methodology, classifies them into categories.

[INACTIVE] Hablatam

HabLatam is a regional project in Latin America that will be implemented in its first phase in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Colombia . Through it, the following is sought:
- Obtain and publish quality data in an open and accessible way, on the daily practices and perceptions of youths regarding their digital skills and content gaps.
- Develop and implement innovative and participatory methods that capture the perspectives, practices and skills of young people, avoiding adult-centered gazes and practices.