Full Fact

Full Fact is a UK-based independent factchecking charity. They are a registered charity, actively seeking a diverse range of funding and are transparent about all our sources of income.

They provide free tools, information and advice so that anyone can check the claims heard from politicians and the media.

El Poder de Elegir (de Chicas Poderosas)

El Poder de Elegir is a project to monitor and fact-check the political information that circulates through WhatsApp during the campaign period of the presidential elections of 2018. It is proposed to monitor and verify in real time the information that circulates through this messaging service and that is related to candidates and elections, in order to be leaders in the debate on voter manipulation strategies, involving civil society.

A Field Guide to “Fake News” and Other Information Disorders

A Field Guide to “Fake News” and Other Information Disorders explores the use of digital methods to study false viral news, political memes, trolling practices and their social life online. It responds to an increasing demand for understanding the interplay between digital platforms, misleading information, propaganda and viral content practices, and their influence on politics and public life in democratic societies. The guide is freely available via the link in the website.