African Academy for Open Source Investigations (AAOSI)

The African Academy for Open Source Investigations (AAOSI) is an initiative supporting media and NGOs in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal to identify and address problematic behaviour in the information space. The initiative will supply training and mentorship, as well as resources and support from the ICFJ's other teams and partners.

The Social Media Tracking Centre

The first SMTC was deployed during Ghana’s 2012 elections. The idea is to identify electoral malpractices in real time, using such information to warn the relevant institutions. In Ghana, Penplusbytes passed relevant information on to the National Elections Security Task Force (NESTF) – and this body acted on it. SMTC teams monitor platforms like Twitter, Facebook et cetera. They use the Aggie social media tracking software to monitor, verify, and inform important stakeholders of misinformation.
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Ghana’s independent digital fact-checking project, GhanaFact is a non-profit social enterprise that seeks to close the palpable market gap for an independent, non-partisan fact-checking programme in Ghana, West Africa.

Fact-checking in a digital era, this platform aims at curbing the spread of disinformation on both traditional and social media.