Updated on
Jan 28, 2022

This is I Am Here International.
One hundred and fifty thousand people all around the world, who take action every day of the year on social media against hate speech and disinformation to counter hatred, protect the targeted and inspire people to speak out to defend human rights and freedom of speech.
I Am Here International is an apolitical, non-religious, non-profit international organization. Its vision is to create an internet without hate and misinformation to ensure and maintain a democratic and inclusive society.
It strives to empower people to react and counter speak when groups or individuals are attacked in hateful comment fields; its interventions give a voice back to the ‘silent majority’ to make sure those with something to say are not intimidated into self-censorship and silence. I Am Here International support individuals such as public personalities, activists, journalists and politicians – anyone who is exposed to hatred and threats so that they can feel safe on social media. And the network supports each other.
I Am Here International prevents polarization by engaging in discussion in an objective, reasonable manner and impedes the dissemination of misinformation by providing sources of factual information.
Free speech does not include the prerogative to engender or perpetuate heinous content or life-threatening speech. Fake news, conspiracy theories and misleading infodemics are endangering our democracy.
I Am Here International spreads its methods via national FB groups with hands-on interventions on social media and via educational events, webinars and conferences. It gives practical tools to organizations and individuals to support them in countering hate speech and misinformation in the realms in which they operate.