PubliElectoral is a technological tool of social interest that allows the collection
of information related to electoral advertising on social networks without affecting the privacy of citizen users. PubliElectoral is an extension (or plug-in) that is downloaded and installed in the internet browser (computer or desktop). When the user browses a Facebook page, it detects the political advertisements that are shown according to their profile and stores them in a database, so that later the team of the Association for Civil Rights (ADC) can contrast them and analyze.

Your personal information and normal posts from your news feed are not read. The Plugin needs to be installed in your browser to distinguish only Facebook posts that contain political advertising from the accounts that we survey. The extension acts by "copying" the advertisements, at no time is your personal data stored (Name, age, email, etc.). The only thing we are going to ask you is to select your location, for analytical purposes (to define the advertising districts to analyze).

The extension releases advertisements from the candidates in the campaign. It does so through real accounts of people like you, who cooperate with us by downloading the extension. Our goal is to gather this information and analyze it to understand whether the electoral announcement system is working transparently from the political parties and from the social networks.

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