Updated on
Mar 05, 2021

At Meedan’s Digital Health Lab we are researching, designing and testing a digital response framework for addressing health misinformation online, centered around accessibility and equity.

We are developing a standard of care for responding to misinfodemics. This involves:
- conducting applied research to improve public health through digital innovation, participatory methods, and equity-centered design.
- building a community of health practitioners, researchers, journalists, and activists and end-users actively engaged in reducing health misinformation, to support fact-checking organizations and to ensure that health content online is engaging, relevant, safe and accessible.
- co-designing "do no harm" best practices
preparing practitioners with a set of principles, processes and approaches for health communications and corrections that align with established public health standards of care, and are specific to the distinct and significant risks associated with health misinformation.
- hosting gatherings & sharing resources for designing equity-centered health communications outputs and strengthening misinfodemic response efforts.

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