The "Surviving the Networks" project aims to strengthen civic culture in Brazil by offering information and strategies on how to better inform oneself in social networks. This includes a Facebook page, book and other social media resources to counter disinformation. After all, in order to survive in the networks, it is necessary to learn how platforms work, to identify and not divulge false news, such as trying to protect the virtual space from the action of false profiles, the formation of opinion bubbles and destructive polarization.

In 2018, a book “Surviving in the Networks: Citizen's Guide” was launched , with accessible language, which can be used at home, at school or by professionals, with various information on how networks work and how to navigate these networks more balanced. In addition, there is a Facebook page with the sharing of stories and tips.

“Surviving in the Networks” is an initiative of the Democratic Platform, a project of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Foundation in partnership with the Edelstein Center, and has the collaboration of InternetLab and the Monitor of the political debate in the digital environment (GPoPAI / USP).

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