The Computational Propaganda Project

Since 2012, they have been investigating the use of algorithms, automation, and computational propaganda in public life. Political bots are manipulating public opinion over major social networking applications. This project enables a new team of social and information scientists to investigate the impact of automated scripts, commonly called bots, on social media. They study both the bot scripts and the people making such bots, and then work with computer scientists to improve the ways they catch and stop such bots.

The (mis)informed citizen

Though concerns about the use of misinformation are certainly not new, the reach, speed and volume of misinformation in the digital era have generated a heightened sense of urgency among policymakers, scholars and the public alike. At the same time, relatively little is known about how such information is processed by people online – where much of it is encountered incidentally by citizens who are otherwise inattentive to public affairs – nor about its lasting effects on those who encounter it.

RESIST Counter Disinformation Toolkit

This toolkit will help support the dissemination of reliable, truthful information that underpins our democracy. RESIST stands for (Recognise disinformation, Early warning, Situational Insight, Impact analysis, Strategic communication, Track outcomes).

This toolkit will:

Full Fact

Full Fact is a UK-based independent factchecking charity. They are a registered charity, actively seeking a diverse range of funding and are transparent about all our sources of income.

They provide free tools, information and advice so that anyone can check the claims heard from politicians and the media.