Updated on
Mar 09, 2021

Media Matters for Pakistan is a web based initiative, designed to act as an informal watchdog over the mainstream media in Pakistan. This platform aims to highlight issues of ethics and ideology in the mainstream media content. We aim to develop a counter narrative to the exceedingly right-wing, moral policing based programming that has taken hold of the media.

A Pakistani media watchdog, MMP has recently tasked itself with researching and advocating against government restrictions against digital media within the nation, as well as supporting net neutrality measures.
It seeks to access the stories and the production methodologies used by the mainstream media in Pakistan, both to initiate a sustained commentary and to document the developing trends in the industry. In the beginning this website will be documenting, archiving and commenting upon media content that specifically calls attention to itself. The project will look at media content to identify preferred and ignored themes in the media, identify editorial policy differences across different platforms and in particular identify issues of professionalism. The project will look at the gaps that exist in coverage and comments on areas that require further attention from the media.

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