Data Tracking Tools

The Social Media Dashboard for the German 2021 Federal Election

A live dashboard analyzing the top German candidate's presence on multiple social media platforms. The website highlights posts published by the candidates themselves and posts made about the candidate by the general public. In-depth analyses will be published as the campaign period continues until October 2021.

Contextus Platform

The Contextus Platform takes in text and images from social media platforms and online communities and uses artificial intelligence to analyze and decode this data for hidden meaning. By tracking the flow of information, it can ultimately help to expose or predict possible threats, hostile intentions, and hate acts.

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Who Targets Me

Who Targets Me are a small group of activists creating and managing a crowdsourced global database of political adverts placed on social media.

We were founded by Sam Jeffers and Louis Knight Webb in 2017 during the UK elections to monitor the use of online political ads in real time and provide analysis of their intended impact. The Who Targets Me plug-in has now been installed by over 30,000 users worldwide in more than 100 countries and 20 languages.

The Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT)

The conversations that trend on internet platforms shape our world in consequential ways, from who we vote for, to what news we read, to how we respond to a pandemic.

But frequently, these conversations don’t trend organically — they’re the result of influence campaigns intended to misinform, radicalize, or polarize. Rather than public opinion influencing the trends, social media trends influence public opinion.

Source Scour

A Collaborative News Site

Mixing crowdsourcing, Wikidata’s rich catalogue of information, and a network that spans thousands of newsrooms, Source Scour will identify key areas where more information is needed and help journalists, researchers, and policymakers quickly spin up well-sourced, verified data sets with the answers the public needs. Source Scour builds on the existing crowdsourcing software ( created by MuckRock/DocumentCloud and used by thousands of newsrooms around the world.


REVEAL aims to advance the necessary technologies for making a higher level analysis of social media possible. The project will enable users to reveal hidden ‘modalities’ such as reputation, influence or credibility of information.


PubliElectoral is a technological tool of social interest that allows the collection
of information related to electoral advertising on social networks without affecting the privacy of citizen users. PubliElectoral is an extension (or plug-in) that is downloaded and installed in the internet browser (computer or desktop). When the user browses a Facebook page, it detects the political advertisements that are shown according to their profile and stores them in a database, so that later the team of the Association for Civil Rights (ADC) can contrast them and analyze.


Pressland is a first-of-its-kind data-intelligence platform that maps global media production in real time. It's our mission to fight fake news, rebuild public trust and support counter-radicalization efforts in fragile regions.

We analyze:

- Every article
- Every author
- Every editor
- Every outlet
- All professional associations and related work
- All production and distribution data

This data is indexed, verified and distributed using the Universal News Protocol, a new open standard for media production.


Netvizz is a data collection and extraction application that allows researchers to export data in standard file formats from different sections of the Facebook social networking service. Friendship networks, groups, and pages can thus be analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively with regards to demographical, postdemographical, and relational characteristics.

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