First Draft

Today, we need access to the truth more than ever before. But in this polluted information environment, it’s never been harder to know what to trust, and never easier to be misled. Misinformation is targeting and damaging our communities, all around the world.

At First Draft, our mission is to protect communities from harmful misinformation. We work to empower society with the knowledge, understanding, and tools needed to outsmart false and misleading information.


A collaborative journalism project that brings together newsrooms across France and beyond to accurately report false, misleading and confusing claims that circulate online, similar to Comprova. A project where journalists from different Nigerian media outlets work together to combat information disorder, particularly as the country heads towards the 2019 elections.
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Comprova brings together journalists from 28 different Brazilian media companies to identify and explain rumors, fabricated content and manipulation tactics that might influence the 2018 presidential election campaign. Comprova identified and aimed to undermine manipulation and amplification techniques online. The workflow was designed deliberately to encourage collaborative investigation that may continue beyond the election.