teyit.org is working to ensure that internet users can access correct information by verifying in many areas from widely known mistakes, suspicious information on the agenda of social media, claims brought up by the media, or urban legends.

teyit.org thus enables citizens and non-governmental organizations, who use the internet as their primary news source, to learn which information is correct and which is incorrect on online platforms. teyit.org aims to gain the habit of critical thinking and increase new media literacy.
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Dogruluk Payi

Dogruluk Payi is a Turkish fact checking website that evaluates information based on the follow criteria:

Fact-checker makes every analysis according to identical standards. While doing his analysis, he does not concentrate on any political side. It pays attention that the same control process is applied in every analysis and that only the evidence leads to conclusions. It does not make any defense or assume a political position on the analyzed issues.

A guide to anti-misinformation legal actions around the world

Poynter's global guide on existing attempts to legislate against what can broadly be referred to as online misinformation. This guide seeks to create an inclusive, collaborative approach to addressing misinformation around the world. While not every law contained here relates to misinformation specifically, they’ve all often been wrapped into that broader discussion. Article will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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