A Browser Extension for Adding Context to Online Stories by Suggesting Related Wikipedia Articles

WikiWhatsThis will be a browser extension that adds context to online stories by allowing readers to highlight arbitrary chunks of text and request related Wikipedia articles. The extension will use text features combined with Wikipedia page quality signals to show the user the bigger picture around what they are reading.

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UX of Wikipedia Credibility

WikiUX takes a user-centred approach to address credibility. The project examines how end-users respond to different types of credibility signals, such as the structure of the page, tone of writing, and placement of citations within Wikipedia articles, as well as Wikipedia content that exists elsewhere on the web, such as within information cards on search and social platforms.

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The Vaccine Safety Project

Strengthening information on vaccine safety on Wikipedia

The Vaccine Safety Project aims at documenting the existing knowledge as well as finding and reducing the knowledge gaps related to vaccine safety on Wikipedia. This project will involve research around resources related to vaccine safety within and outside of Wikipedia and collaborations with experts from Wikipedia and the Vaccine Safety Net. Read more here:

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The Wikipedia Community's Platform Against Disinformation

Sourceror leverages Wikipedia’s credibility data to improve media literacy and combat disinformation on the web. The platform provides a browser extension that informs Internet users of the quality of the content they consume, and an API that enables developers to incorporate the Wikipedia community’s reliability evaluations into new technologies.

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Source Scour

A Collaborative News Site

Mixing crowdsourcing, Wikidata’s rich catalogue of information, and a network that spans thousands of newsrooms, Source Scour will identify key areas where more information is needed and help journalists, researchers, and policymakers quickly spin up well-sourced, verified data sets with the answers the public needs. Source Scour builds on the existing crowdsourcing software ( created by MuckRock/DocumentCloud and used by thousands of newsrooms around the world.

Scribe Reference API

The Scribe reference API will list references based on usage and domain by language. This API is a useful tool for Scribe, but also outside the project can be widely used whenever the credibility of references from a Wikipedia perspective needs to be referred to. Understanding the reusability of Wikipedia references can scale to a variety of other projects. You can read and comment on the grant application here:


A Bot to Add References to WikiData Statements

RefB is a bot that can automate adding references to Wikidata statements in the biomedical context based on PubMed Central database ( This bot can be adapted later to support Wikidata statements in other contexts or to add references to Wikipedia articles when needed.

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Reading together

Reliability and Multilingual Global Communities​

This is a research project that will work to expand the definition and scope of what is considered a reliable source (WP:RS) on Wikipedia for marginalized communities. Art+Feminism is an intersectional feminist non-profit organization that directly addresses the information gap about gender, feminism, and the arts on the internet.

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News On Wiki NOW

Helping the Public Navigate a Challenging Media Landscape

News On Wiki NOW helps Internet users gain insight into the media they encounter, by adding information to the websites they already visit. We recruit people to put accurate information about established publications onto Wikipedia and search engines. Our focus for this phase: Washington State, Black-owned, and Caribbean newspapers.

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A new way to assist in evaluating the credibility of media sources maintains a list of unreliable news/info sites, linked to site-ratings and fact-checks. This WikiCred project will add Wikipedia data to the index, contribute to related Wikipedia articles, and find indicators (via the Wikimedia API) to help programmatically identify fake news sites.

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