Europe and Eurasia Regional Election Management Body Working Group on Social Media, Disinformation and Electoral Integrity

This working group for electoral management bodies was established to tackle challenges presented by social media and disinformation to the electoral process in May 2021. With nearly 50 election officials from 13 countries in the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans, the group provides EMBs a platform for continued peer learning, skill-building, and developing best practices.  

Hoax Crisis Center - MAFINDO

Serves as a center for clarification of issues suspected to be hoaxes. For example, the Hoax Crisis Center (HCC) became the main hub to communicate issues that emerged during the last 2018 regional election to the public.

Regional journalists - with key connections to influential community leaders - volunteer with MAFINDO, and largely run the HCC. Community leaders know to contact the HCC first if there is an outbreak of a hoax, and the HCC coordinates with stakeholders (government, community and religious leaders) to calm the situation.