Troll Factory

Troll Factory was developed by a team of experts at Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The team creates new storytelling methods that combine journalistic practices with digital experiences.

Troll Factory shows you first-hand how information operations work on social media. The goal of the game is to illustrate how fake news, emotive content and bot armies are utilized to affect moods, opinions and decision-making.


PolitiTruth is a non-profit game of distinguishing political fact from fiction.

Swipe left to guess a news story is false and swipe right to guess it is true. The game is made in partnership with the Pulitzer Prize winning organization PolitiFact in the hopes of encouraging players to better discern sources of information while gathering beneficial statistics on public misconceptions. By tapping into our competitive nature, we hope to expand political consciousness.


This game aims to teach media literacy and study how people interact with misinformation. You will see a simulated news feed with articles like the one below. Some coming from legitimate news sources. And some from sites that typically publish false or misleading reports, clickbait headlines, conspiracy theories, junk science, and other types of misinformation. Your goal is to support a healthy social media experience by promoting information from reliable sources and not from low credibility sources.
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[INACTIVE] Fake News!

Fake news is a real problem. Recently, the Pew Research Center found that about two thirds of U.S. adults say completely made-up news causes a great deal of confusion about current events. So we built Fake News!, a simple game to test our collective ability to distinguish between what's true, and what's just been tweeted.

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Facticious is a game that allows users to read clips from articles and determine if they are real or fake. Some of the articles are political while others or not. The game allows users to play on different difficulty levels in judging for themselves whether the information is accurate or not.

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Be Internet Awesome

To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

Enjoy six new media literacy activities added to the 2019 edition of Be Internet Awesome designed to help kids analyze and evaluate media as they navigate the Internet. Media literacy is essential to safety and citizenship in the digital age, and the new lessons complement Be Internet Awesome’s Internet Code of Awesome.

Bad News -DROG

In the social impact game Bad News you take on the role of a propagandist. Enter the shadowy world of online deceit and rise to power. Build your army of online trolls and spread conspiracies to influence the public debate and contemplate the dangerous implications disinformation can have on your daily life and society as a whole. In collaboration with the University of Cambridge we have developed this innovative vaccine to show you how various tactics and methods are used to spread deceitful messages.