Updated on
Mar 09, 2021

The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace of 12 November 2018 is a call to come together to face the new threats endangering citizens and infrastructure. It is based around nine common principles to secure cyberspace, which act as many areas for discussion and action.

The Paris Call invites all cyberspace actors to work together and encourage States to cooperate with private sector partners, the world of research and civil society. The supporters of the Paris Call commit to working together to adopt responsible behaviour and implement within cyberspace the fundamental principles which apply in the physical world.


1. Protect individuals and infrastructure
2. Protect the Internet
* 3. Defend electoral processes *
4. Defend intellectual property
5. Non-proliferation
6. Lifecycle security
7. Cyber hygiene
8. No private hack back
9. International norms

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* NDI and IRI are signatories