Updated on
Mar 09, 2021

Myth Detector is Media Development Foundation’s (MDF) project aimed at debunking fake news and studying propaganda methods and strategies revealed in Georgian language media. It is mostly fact checking in the Georgian media environment but also includes a media literacy component.

Media Development Foundation examines manipulative media content from various directions:
1. Information influence activities by foreign country (direct propaganda by Russian government sponsored media and indirect anti-Western propaganda by cloaked media outlets);
2. Domestic political propaganda (use of trolls and fake pages in social media for political purposes);
3. Spread of false information for economic purposes (click bait web-pages).

The webpage is quadrilingual, publishing information in Georgian and English regularly and in Armenian and Azerbaijani periodically to duly inform minorities living in Georgia.

The project is supported by the US Embassy in Georgia, the East-West Management Institute (EWMI), the Open Society Foundation and DW Akademie.

Since 2016, the MDF has been cooperating with the EU strategic communications service. The Myth Detector fact-checking web-page is a partner of DisinfoPortal, an online platform of the Atlantic Council.

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