IREX’s Learn to Discern approach helps citizens recognize and resist disinformation, propaganda, and hate speech. Learn to Discern’s unique methodology builds practical skills for citizens of all ages through interactive training, videos, games, and other learning experiences. We first implemented Learn to Discern to counter highly sophisticated disinformation campaigns in Ukraine. We are now piloting the curriculum in the United States with local communities and journalists.

Learn to Discern builds communities' resilience to state-sponsored disinformation, inoculates communities against public health misinformation, promotes inclusive communities by empowering its members to recognize and reject divisive narratives and hate speech, improves young people’s ability to navigate increasingly polluted online spaces, and enables leaders to shape decisions based on facts and quality information.

Unlike traditional media literacy approaches, Learn to Discern responds to the current needs of media consumers. It was designed for a polarized, hyperconnected, and impatient world.

Learn to Discern has been used around the world in public health initiatives, classrooms, libraries, community centers, fellowship programs, peer-to-peer networks, and other contexts. Impact studies have shown that the approach is effective with a diverse range of participants—from adult populations to kids in classrooms.
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